GLASIO – sound-absorbing material made from Czech crystal offering a wide scale of application possibilities. GLASIO is typically used as a sheeting material in individual systems (110, 65) for interior applications. New dimensions of individual design use are opened up thanks to the option of cuts and forming.

Synergy of aesthetics and acoustic functionality


Each space has its acoustic specifics and requirements which should be met to be able to fully utilize its potential.  

This ties in with the choice and location of the acoustic material, a suitable material combination and mutual link of all materials applied.


Panels are made clear, or with colour coat using DIEGEL hydro-glazes. Basic colour design can be found in the colour card.  

It is recommended that the final colouring is sampled and mutually agreed. If required by the client, an individual colour can be mixed out of the basic colour card.  


It is always crucial to be able to picture what the resulting project will look like as closely as possible. We therefore can recommend rendering or combining GLASIO with another material and then incorporating this into a visualization. 


We support new ideas and will be happy to customize our products to fit your wishes. Due to the wide-ranging possibilities of forming and use, GLASIO is an ideal accessory both for interior and exterior.