GLASIO panels in synergy with different types of structures make highly effective systems GLASIO 65 and 110 of different frequency characteristics.

Comprehensive design, maximum functionality


In order to reach the optimum effect of GLASIO glass panels two types of structures have been developed on which our panels are mounted and form two compact systems accordingly: GLASIO 65 and GLASIO 110. In synergy with panels each of these structures offers different acoustic characteristics. We will be happy to design the optimum solution for you in keeping with the needs of a particular space.

– input raw material is lead-free baric crystalline

– panel basic dimensions 998 mm x 448 mm

– panel thickness 17 ± 2 mm

– panel weight 13.5 kg/pc ± 0.5 kg in dry condition

– to secure potential safe breaking a welded stainless steel mash is melt in the panel

– if required, panels are painted with hydro-glazes

Depending on the nature in which the space is used, it is important to select a suitable system, its area and location in order to reach the optimum acoustic result. Each space has its specifics and therefore each needs to be approached individually. The GLASIO 65 and GLASIO 110 systems have been developed for universal use. Each provides diverse depth of sheeting and acoustic characteristics spanning a range of frequencies


Panels are mounted on the load-bearing aluminium structure with a special rectifiable fixture. 

In order to unify the design, the load-bearing screw is embedded in the panel and covered with the glass plug.


GLASIO 65 SYSTEM is recommended for assembling on flat walls. The load-bearing grate is embedded directly into the wall without the option of front to back rectification. Despite the depth of the system being only 65 mm, the system produces very good acoustic characteristics. 


GLASIO 110 is the most frequently used system. The sheeting thickness of 110 mm allows for installation of the cross grate at a high level of rectification in all directions. Due to the absorption hollow, the system delivers a high level of acoustic effectiveness and may therefore be used even in on most demanding applications.